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X Axis Definition

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Consider as an example superimposing 3D Cartesian coordinates over all points on the Earth (i. e. geospatial 3D). What units make sense? Kilometers are ... Read more a good choice, since the original definition of the kilometer was geospatial. . . 10,000 km equalling the surface distance from the Equator to the North Pole. Where to place the origin? Based on symmetry, the gravitational center of the Earth suggests a natural landmark (which can be sensed via satellite orbits). Finally, how to orient X, Y and Z axis directions? The axis of Earth's spin provides a natural direction strongly associated with "up vs. down", so positive Z can adopt the direction from geocenter to North Pole. A location on the Equator is needed to define the X-axis, and the Prime Meridian stands out as a reference direction, so the X-axis takes the direction from geocenter out to [ 0 degrees longitude, 0 degrees latitude ]. Note that with 3 dimensions, and two perpendicular axes directions pinned down for X and Z, the Y-axis is determined by the first two choices. In order to obey the right hand rule, the Y-axis must point out from the geocenter to [ 90 degrees longitude, 0 degrees latitude ]. So what are the geocentric coordinates of the Empire State Building in New York City? Using [ longitude = −73. 985656, latitude = 40. 748433 ], Earth radius = 40,000/2π, and transforming from spherical --> Cartesian coordinates, you can estimate the geocentric coordinates of the Empire State Building, [ x, y, z ] = [ 1330. 53 km, –4635. 75 km, 4155. 46 km ]. GPS navigation relies on such geocentric coordinates.

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Examples of Axis  X Axis Definition

Examples of Axis


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graph crosses the x-axis  X Axis Definition

graph crosses the x-axis


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line crosses the x-axis   X Axis Definition

line crosses the x-axis


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to define the eastwest  X Axis Definition

to define the eastwest


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Video Examples Acute and  X Axis Definition

Video Examples Acute and


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fig120101 gif  4079 bytes   X Axis Definition

fig120101 gif 4079 bytes


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axis definition for  X Axis Definition

axis definition for


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parallel to the x-axis to  X Axis Definition

parallel to the x-axis to


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XYZ Axis Definition  X Axis Definition

XYZ Axis Definition


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