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Renji has ranked relatively high in the Shōnen Jump popularity votes, once ranking 4th place. IGN called Renji's debut into the anime "stylish and cool" and ... Read more added that the short battle between Ichigo and Renji was "nicely done," noting that from the moment he was introduced, his style and weapon made him a character "[they] want to see more of. " They later added in another review about Renji's change in character saying: ". . . It's nice to see a nicer Renji compared to the jerkish character we were introduced to. Renji's determination to save Rukia is admirable; really makes him a much more likeable character. . . " By the end of the Soul Society arc, Renji was "still cocky, but we've at least gotten to see that he has weaknesses just like everyone else," having "totally changed since he attacked Ichigo in the very first season. " Animeondvd. com also praised Renji's development in the story praising Tite Kubo's way of telling his background making the readers change their ideas of the character. Wally Wingert, Renji's English voice actor, has found Renji to be the "coolest" part of the series he ever had, having liked his design and skills. He also liked his development in the series, such as his relationship with Rukia.

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Renji trains with Zabimaru   Zabimaru

Renji trains with Zabimaru


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Soo Zabimaru by Sentork  Zabimaru

Soo Zabimaru by Sentork


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Screen Capture  407  Zabimaru

Screen Capture 407


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Renji and Zabimaru by  Zabimaru

Renji and Zabimaru by


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Los dos espiritus de Zabimaru  Zabimaru

Los dos espiritus de Zabimaru


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Hoero Zabimaru by arabai  Zabimaru

Hoero Zabimaru by arabai


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Hihio Zabimaru reverts to Hebi  Zabimaru

Hihio Zabimaru reverts to Hebi


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Saru detaches the chain from  Zabimaru

Saru detaches the chain from


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